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Help build the free database of candidates!

Time required: Five minutes

It can be hard to find good information about election candidates online.

So Democracy Club has created the free, public database of UK election candidates.

We need your help to gather the names and contact details of the candidates. Right now, we’re particularly interested in council by-elections and the 3 May 2018 council elections.

Check out the list of upcoming elections here and help add candidates and their photos, email addresses or social media accounts.

Local newspapers, local political party websites and Twitter are a good place to start!

Tell us about a by-election

Time required: Five minutes

We want to help people keep abreast of every election in their area. We have some clever robots that help us build the Every Election database, but they’re not perfect!

If you spot a by-election that we’re not covering, please add it to the database, or let us know!

Help us write a hustings toolkit

Time required: Less than an hour

We think hustings — or debates between election candidates — are particularly valuable in helping people to meet and learn about their candidates.

We can help improve turnout at hustings events by listing and advertising them via our Who Can I Vote For? website— but only if they exist!

There often aren’t many hustings for local elections, so let’s change that! We could start by writing a quick guide to How To Run A Hustings.

Think about how to arrange it, advertise it, run it on the night and record it. Keep an eye out for tools like to help crowdsource questions.

(How) should we explain what council(lor)s do?

Time required: Less than an hour

We’ll be running Who Can I Vote For? for the local government elections in May 2018. It will help people find and learn about their candidates. But what if you don’t even understand what local government does?

We’re interested in perhaps providing ‘election explainers’, but we’re not sure about the best way to do this.

Have you seen good examples? Want to help write them? Hop into this open Google Document and help us out!

Not enough tasks? Have your own ideas? Join our online chat in Slack. Get in touch for an invite.