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Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

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Photograph election leaflets

Time required: Five minutes

A permanent record of election literature (leaflets, flyers) is a valuable thing to have!

The general election is over (for now) but if you still have leaflets around, please photograph them and upload them here!

Help us write a "getting started with Democracy Club" guide

Time required: A couple of hours

We want to be welcoming to new people who might want to help make Democracy Club better, but to do that we need to:

  1. Define what DC does and doesn’t do, why that is the case, and how things should be done. For example, explicitly write down that we’re non-partisan — and some other unwritten assumptions that the club makes.

  2. Explain a code of conduct.

  3. Communicate what the priority is at any given moment. The actual prioritisation shouldn’t be hard, but communicating it might be.

  4. Find a way to communicate that there is shared ownership of most things, but maybe work out to what extent that is true?

Not enough tasks? Have your own ideas? Join our online chat in Slack. Get in touch for an invite.