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#GE2017 update

There’s going to be a general election on 8 June. Read about how you can help, or donate now to support our work.

Democracy Club Quests

Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

Get stuck in below.

Find a GE2017 candidate via Twitter! 🐦

Time required: Five minutes

There are fewer than 50 days until the General Election – the sooner we can find out basic information about candidates, the sooner we can start looking for more detail.

You can find lots of candidate declarations via twitter! Start from:

When you find a tweet from the party or candidate that says they’re standing, keep hold of it (you’ll need to cite it as a source), then search their name on the candidates crowdsourcer to check if they’re already known to us:

  • If they are, edit the candidate and add the new election (citing the tweet).
  • If they’re not, create a new candidate, including as much information as you can (e.g. name, twitter account) and adding their general election candidacy.
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Find duplicate candidates in our database

Time required: Ten minutes

We have a database of election candidates. Sometimes we end up with the same person added twice (typically their full name and then their nickname). We need to ensure we only count people once.

Here, we’ve made a spreadsheet with possible duplicates.

You can help by checking the spreadsheet and researching the candidates to see if they’re different people or not.

How to help:

  1. Open the sheet
  2. Pick a candidate
  3. Click on the links
  4. Comment on the sheet if you think you’ve found an actual duplicate – careful, it can be hard to figure out if they’re an actual duplicate, or just two people with the same name!
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Check our list of deleted twitter accounts

Time required: Ten minutes

We store Twitter accounts for candidates, but after elections the candidates sometimes delete their accounts.

Every night, our democrarobots check for deleted accounts and log them. It’s worth looking in to these candidates, as if they’ve had a twitter account in the past, they might have one in the future.

You can see the list here.

Your quest is to research each candidate and figure out if they have a twitter account or not. Godspeed!

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Find election debates ('hustings') for the May local elections and June General Election

Time required: Five minutes

There’s no single list of hustings anywhere, which makes it hard to help people find such an event in their area. But hustings are a brilliant chance to hear campaign pledges and views straight from the, er, horse’s mouth.

Our minimum viable product to solve this involves collating hustings information in this open spreadsheet. Try searching online to see if you can find any new ones!

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Write 'explainers' for the mayoral elections

Time required: A couple of hours

What do the new combined authority mayors do and why?

Can you help us research what each new Mayor will be responsible for, how much budget they will have, how they came about?

We want to provide short summaries to voters, to help them understand what the new mayors will do.

Click ‘Help out’ below — and write, edit or comment at your leisure!

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Help us write a "getting started with Democracy Club" guide

Time required: A couple of hours


We want to be welcoming to people who might want to muck in with making DC better, but to do that we need to do the following:

  1. Define what DC does and doesn’t do, why that is the case, and how things should be done. For example, explicitly write down that we’re non-partisan and policy based, and some other things that I expect we all implicitly know.

  2. Explain a code of conduct

  3. Communicate what the priority is at any given moment. The actual prioritisation should’t be hard, but communicating it might be.

  4. Find a way to comunicate that there is shared ownership of most things, but maybe work out to what extent that is true?

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