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Wanted: An accountant


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Hello, we’re Democracy Club. We aim to make the process of democracy better for everyone. We build digital services, aggregate and clean data, manage crowdsourcing and partnerships to make this happen.

Our services have been used by 1.4m people to get better informed before elections; our data has been used by the likes of Google, Buzzfeed, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.

You can learn more about us and our vision here.

We’ve recently raised some funds and are looking to hire staff and to ramp up our efforts. We have so far used FreeAgent to do our books, and would like to continue to do so, but with professional oversight.

We’re looking for help with:

  • assistance/compliance with company tax + statutory accounts
  • assistance with registering for VAT & PAYE
  • assistance setting up first payroll (national insurance + pensions etc) via FreeAgent
  • advice on budgeting, performance and planning (e.g. creating a robust annual budget, how to deal with uncertainties of fundraising)
  • advice on effects of becoming a charity
  • advice on opening our finances to the public in a sensible way
  • (nice to have) thoughts on future funding sources
  • advice on what we don’t know we need advice on.

Lastly, we’re a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, should that affect any of the above.

Can you help us out β€” or do you know anyone who can?

If so, please email Joe. Let us know: your fees / payment model; whether you work with similar types of organisation; your preferred ways of working with us; and anything else we need to know!

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Get in touch:

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