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Polling station finder

Our polling station finder uses data sent to us from councils.

If you work in a council you can send us data by emailing

Please send us new data for each election, or confirm that it has not changed.

Exporting from your EMS

Some suppliers have added exports in their software to make it easy to email us the data. Ideally this export would also include property and/or polling station UPRNS, but this is not essential.


There is a Knowledge Base Article (KBA) about how to export data. Click on "Democracy Club" in the tag cloud or use this link:


The Democracy Club report is in "Express Management" under "Elections/Exports" and the report is called "EC & Democracy Club Polling Place Lookup".

Democracy Counts / Elector8

For Elector8 Users, go to "Planning & Reporting" then "Category Searches" and select both of the following:

  • Democracy Club - Polling Districts
  • Democracy Club - Polling Stations

Right click on the data grid and click "export".


Unfortunately Idox haven't provided an easy export yet, but they are working on it. It's worth emailing anyway, as we might be able to work with your GIS team on getting data.