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The data we create is open and free to use. Google, Buzzfeed, The Guardian and others have used our data to reach millions of people.

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Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

Find contact details and websites for political parties' local branches

Time required: Five minutes

People are looking online for information about their election candidates. This is sometimes hard to find, particularly at local elections.

Typically, there is more information available about local branches of political parties, which nominate most of the candidates.

So please help us complete this spreadsheet with information on those branches!

We’ll add this information to our candidate pages, so as to help people learn more before they vote.

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The one where we think about partying

A short Fridayblog in which we ask: would you like to host a crowdsourcing party this April? And we congratulate the French.

It's 2019!

Happy New Year! Here's the roadmap to the local elections of May 2019. And — a bonus treat — a quiz on political geographies!

What changed?

We re-run 262 councillor scrapers after two months and find that not a lot of unexpected changes happened. This leaves us positive about the maintenance overhead for open data on councillors, especially since we're covering by-elections already. More work is needed to work out the true cost of maintaining a scraper for every council, so we'll return to the scrapers in another few months.

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