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Towards better elections

Report on Democracy Club’s work on the May 2016 elections and the future of digital services for democracy.

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Nineteen Days To Go!

We've got all the candidates — now the race is on to provide rich information on them, and get it, and where to vote info, to millions of people before E-Day.

650 volunteers wanted...

You've got to search for the hero inside your constituency. Can you help?

The Day After And Thirty-Four Days Before

It’s the day after the local elections: results, feedback and that other election.


Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

Find data on candidates

Time required: Five minutes

We’ve now got all names and parties of general election candidates in our database!

In order to help voters learn more about those candidates, we need your help to track down their emails, social media profiles, photos and more!

Help out

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