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We build digital tools to support everyone’s participation in UK democracy. Our services are trusted by organisations in government, charities and the media, and have reached millions of people since 2015.

Who Can I Vote For?

A one-stop shop for everything voters need to know about their candidates. Used by 2.5m people since 2015.

Where Do I Vote?

Our polling station finder answers one of the most popular questions on election days in the UK.

Candidates Wiki

Our members crowdsource data on every candidate for every election. We make it free and open for anyone to use.

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Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

Collect Information about Election Candidates

Time required: Ten minutes

It can be hard to find good information about election candidates online, so Democracy Club has created the free, public database of UK election candidates.

We need your help to gather the names and contact details of the candidates for May 2021. These will be among the largest and most complex elections in UK history, so we’ll need plenty of volunteers!

Our website allows you to add candidates and if possible, their photos, email addresses or social media accounts, for any of the May 2021 elections.

Local newspapers, local political party websites, facebook and twitter are a good place to start!

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Votes@16 is approaching in Wales- is our voting system ready?

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How many ballots will you have?

Democracy Club, Assemble!

Now with 75% more team members, and 100% less certainty.

The Electoral Commission at 20

We wish The Electoral Commission a happy birthday the only way we know how: by thinking about its future effectiveness.

Devolving Work

We're hiring! Again!

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