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#GE2017 update

There’s going to be a general election on 8 June. Read about how you can help, or donate now to support our work.

Towards better elections

Report on Democracy Club’s work on the May 2016 elections and the future of digital services for democracy.

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The Long Short Week

General election! Here's what's happening at Democracy Club. Get involved!

We think there’s still a local election on 4 May... the local elections, we’ve completed our first pass through the local nomination papers and the open data is out in the wild.

It's #GE2017

There's going to be a general election on 8 June. Help us to help voters!


Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

Find a GE2017 candidate via Twitter! 🐦

Time required: Five minutes

There are fewer than 50 days until the General Election – the sooner we can find out basic information about candidates, the sooner we can start looking for more detail.

You can find lots of candidate declarations via twitter! Start from:

When you find a tweet from the party or candidate that says they’re standing, keep hold of it (you’ll need to cite it as a source), then search their name on the candidates crowdsourcer to check if they’re already known to us:

  • If they are, edit the candidate and add the new election (citing the tweet).
  • If they’re not, create a new candidate, including as much information as you can (e.g. name, twitter account) and adding their general election candidacy.
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