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The data we create is open and free to use. Google, Buzzfeed, The Guardian and others have used our data to reach millions of people.

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Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

Help build the free database of election candidates!

Time required: Ten minutes

It can be hard to find good information about election candidates online.

So Democracy Club has created the free, public database of UK election candidates. This powers websites like and several other voter information services.

We need your help to gather more information on the candidates for by-elections.

Check out the list of upcoming elections here and help add candidates’ photos, email addresses or social media accounts.

When searching for more information on candidates, local political party websites, Facebook and Twitter are a good place to start!

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One widget to rule them all

We're on the search for the One Widget, plus we publish our lotto fund application and ... a new sprint plan!

Education, education, education (of MPs)

MP’s educational backgrounds; calls for evidence from the House of Lords; Snapchat; and some antique local government websites.

The One Where It's August But It's Still Quite Busy

Citizens conventions, manifestos for democracy, pivotal moments in our democratic history, and a possible return of Democracy Club Book Club. Read on.

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