Democracy Club

Democracy Club is for a thriving democracy in the UK, where people feel they can engage politically with the state in a simple, easy-to-use and effective way.

Our mission is to create digital tools and datasets that help democracy. We focus on elections due to their high engagement levels. A core team builds the tools, hundreds of volunteers upload data, and we connect with organisations with large audiences to distribute the data in a user-friendly fashion. We encourage government to adopt these tools and datasets officially.

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Lists of Candidates

There is no open dataset of candidates for elections in the UK. This means that citizens cannot easily discover who they can vote for at the next election. The lack of open data also means that media organisations, campaigners and academics cannot easily monitor candidates. An open dataset of candidates must exist to enable related products to exist, e.g. voter advice applications or records of speakers at hustings. A thriving democracy is a transparent one.

Polling stations

One of the top searched for terms on the day of the 2015 general election was ‘Where do I vote?’ This information is rarely online. Councils send voters a polling card, but they might lose it or not have it available at the time they want to vote. We believe that thousands of people are disenfranchised by the lack of this information. It should be online.

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