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We build digital tools to support everyone’s participation in UK democracy. Our services are trusted by organisations in government, charities and the media, and have reached millions of people since 2015.

Who Can I Vote For?

A one-stop shop for everything voters need to know about their candidates. Used by 2.5m people since 2015.

Where Do I Vote?

Our polling station finder answers one of the most popular questions on election days in the UK.

Candidates Wiki

Our members crowdsource data on every candidate for every election. We make it free and open for anyone to use.

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Democracy needs you! Join thousands of people helping to make democracy better by completing small quests.

Find contact details and websites for political parties' local branches

Time required: Ten minutes

People are looking online for information about their election candidates. This is sometimes hard to find, particularly at local elections.

Typically, there is more information available about local branches of political parties, which nominate most of the candidates.

So please help us complete this spreadsheet with information on those branches!

We’ll add this information to our candidate pages, so as to help people learn more before they vote.

Help out

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Our Blog

Where and Who are our Users?

We present a host of graphs (and a map!) in an attempt to understand the people behind the postcode searches.

The Real One

As many have noted, today was going to be a general election, once.

But it was also going to be The Real One for Democracy Club. The plan, back in autumn 2013, was to learn from the 2015 general election so we knew what we were doing at the 2020 election. Everything up to now was meant to be a practice.

Presenting our Report on the 2019 General Election

We announce our review of last year's general election, and offer a few insights from Google Analytics, exclusive to our blog readers!

Tracking Democracy Club's International Users

Turns out we're more popular in Romania than we thought.

The One Where We Pause For A Bit

What's going on a DemoClub towers? What can you crowdsource in the absence of election data?

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