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Data-powered democracy

Civic engagement powered by the most comprehensive election data in the UK.

Voting Information APIs

We collect and standardise election data including seats, polling stations, candidates and more; everything you need to get your users informed and voting. This information is endorsed and used by the Electoral Commission and powers many other organisations.

Voting Information API Features and Documentation

The following types of information are available on the Voting Information API. See full documentation.

We got you

We will make sure your service doesn't break during the election, even if you get more users than you expected.

Looking for something simpler?

Using the API is quite involved. If you are looking for a lightweight solution to empower your users to find their voting information, we recommend looking at the Election Widget. It's free to use and can be embedded on any web page, without a developer, in seconds. If you would like a custom election widget - you should get in touch, we might be able to help.

Where does this data come from?

Democratic data is published in a decentralised way across the UK. We work alongside every council in the UK to aggregate, standardise and publish it. Our volunteer community comes together every election to help us collect and clean the data, and then we make it widely available so that get-out-the-vote campaigns can work their magic.

In some cases the state does not provide nationwide data on vital pieces of the puzzle, one example of this is election candidates. But everyone — from individual voters to journalists and campaigners — wants this information. So we created the crowdsourced database of UK election candidates called CandidatesWiki to help gather it.