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Data-powered democracy

Civic engagement powered by the most comprehensive election data in the UK.


All of Democracy Club’s election candidate and results data is available as free-to-download CSV files.

These file downloads contain a row for each candidate per election. The candidate's name and party are drawn from the official nomination papers. All other information is added by Democracy Club or our volunteers. This additional information includes geographic data, contact details, and demographic information such as age.

Each candidate is assigned a unique ID number, allowing for candidacies to be tracked across time.

The database covers all General Elections since 2010, all local and devolved elections since 2016, and all by-elections since May 2017. It does not include town or parish councils.

Please be aware that the files are updated hourly, and are liable to undergo rapid change during busy periods.

If you have any questions or comments about our data, please email us.