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Where Do I Vote

Our polling station finder provides a platform that can answer one of the most Googled terms on election days in the UK: "Where do I vote"

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Used by over 1.5 million people to date and bringing together all of our other projects, WhoCanIVoteFor tells UK voters about their elections, candidates, polling stations, press mentions and more.

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Democracy Club Candidates

We crowd source all the candidates in all UK elections, and provide them as an API and data feed

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Election IDs

We've developed a standard, with community input, on how to refer to elections in the UK. We hope these standard IDs will make it easier to build tools for voters.

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Election Leaflets

Election Leaflets asks you to photograph the leaflets that get put through your door and share them with the world.

We have a huge archive of election leaflets that is ready for anyone to analyse. Please contact us if you would like to know more

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Election Mentions

Election Mentions presents press articles that we think are relevant in an attractive and simple list, facilitating further research, and ultimately helping to inform your vote. You can also add articles you find for other people to read.

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Read your candidates' CVs

Use MPCV to read the CV of your candidates, or ask them to make it public so you can decide if you should give them a job.

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MeetYourNextMP was a project run in 2015 to crowdsource a list of public hustings events (where candidates take questions from a local audience).

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