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Voting information

Democracy Club runs a range of tools and services that help voters take part in elections.


Our elections database collects all elections to UK parliaments, principal councils (districts, counties and unitaries) and other bodies.

Where Do I Vote?

One of the most common questions from voters on election day is “where do I vote?”. Our polling station finder has the answer!

Candidates Wiki

In the UK, the state does not provide nationwide data on election candidates. But everyone — from individual voters to journalists and campaigners — wants this information. So we created the crowdsourced database of UK election candidates.

Free election lookup for your website

We offer a free election "widget" for use on your website.

Election data and APIs

All our data is available as API or CSV downloads

  • Elections
  • Polling locations
  • Candidates
  • Results

Planning your own project using our data? We’d appreciate it if you could let us know. We’re happy to provide advice on project proposals.

Year round services


Approximately 400 organisations with 22,000 elected people make decisions every day about everything from schools and social care to roads and travel, the environment to elections. Democracy Club is trying to make a list of them all.