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Past projects

Election Leaflets

Photograph the leaflets that get put through your door and share them with the world.

Candidates' CVs

MPCV helped voters read (or request to see) their candidates' CVs to help inform their vote.

TakePart London

On the run up to the 2016 EU referendum we plotted the electoral register for the whole of London against population estimates. From this we made a heatmap and tool for looking up registration rates by postcode. This included pictures of the area taken from Scenic Or Not and passed through a DeepDream generator.

View the code on GitHub

Election Mentions

Project for monitoring mentions of candidates, constituencies and parties in the news using webscraping and machine learning to extract names, placees and quotes.


MeetYourNextMP was a project run in 2015 to crowdsource a list of public hustings events (where candidates take questions from a local audience).