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Help from designers wanted!

Be it with branding, UX, IA, or service design, I’m using “design” here in the widest way possible because almost any of the sub-disciplines would be of help to us. Really we need people to assess all and any parts of the public side of the sites we’re working on and try to improve them.

So, what are the projects?

This web site is really in need of some love, particularly to convert it in to more of a call to action site that can do two things: 1. point people to the other sites (listed below) and ask them to be involved in some way and 2. to explain what DC is about and it’s aims.

We are also working on, and that needs a new interface to upload images, particularly one that works on mobiles well. This could be in the form of a native app or a responsive site, but the visual design on small screens is important.

YourNextMP has had help from mySociety’s Zarino Zappia, but his time, like all of ours, is limited. There are a few things we’d like to improve here, and we have a healthy issue list to go along with it.

OpenElectoralCommission is a small project that aims to host the data on elections and parties. It’s using a stock theme right now that does the job, but there might be some need for some thought on the IA at some point.

Any other ideas! We’re keen to have people who are interested in the general things we’re working on. We have a long list of ideas, so if you’re excited by any of them then do let us know!

Not the hard bit: we have no money at all, and everyone currently working on these projects are doing it in their own time. We’d love to pay people, but unless you can help us get money to do it, we’ll have to ask for donated time.

We are non-partisan, not party political and just want to make the election better in any way we can!

Please get in touch by emailing or tweeting @democlub

Get in touch:

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