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How can you take 3 minutes this sunny weekend to make democracy better?

It’s a glorious weekend. You’re dusting down the barbecue, you’re poking around in the garden. You probably weren’t thinking about the election. But plenty of people are. This weekend hundreds of political party activists will take to the streets to post election leaflets to thousands of homes. In order to watch what the parties are saying, Democracy Club has helped build an election leaflets archive - and we’d love 4 minutes of your time out of the sun to help pack it with data!

You can help us out (while waiting for your barbecue to light) in a few ways:

Upload any leaflets you have

It takes a moment on a smartphone to snap a photo and upload them.

Look for others talking about leaflets

People like to talk about leaflets on Twitter and Facebook. You can help us massively by pointing people talking about leaflets to our site and asking them to upload their leaflets.

The easiest way to do this is to search for commonly used words and then asking the tweeter to upload a photo. Please make sure no one else has done this before you though!

Here’s the search we’re using:

"election leaflet" OR electionleaflets OR "election leaflets” OR electionleaflet or “leaflet” OR “leafleting"

And here’s another one for leafleting:

Ask your candidates to upload their own leaflets

You can find how to contact your candidates on YourNextMP. If they are on twitter you can tweet them to ask if they have any leaflets – a lot of them are happy to then upload them.

Find hashtags that party members use

We don’t have a map of these, but for example The Labour Party members tend to use #LabourDoorstep to talk about their campaigning. Do let us know if you find any others, and we’ll update this list.

Get in touch:

Jump into the online chat in Slack, tweet us, or email