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When you have the CV of the candidates at a hustings


We could go to the hustings, and hand out the CVs, and ask questions about them!”

Never say crazy things like that in front of Aidan.

Before I knew it, I was whisked over to South Ribble. We’d managed to hustle together CVs of three of the candidates, and printed little packs of them out.

I asked them questions about their backgrounds, and then Aidan interviewed me about why looking at candidates’ CVs is important.


  • This was fun and worthwhile. People in the audience looked at the CVs, and seemed to find them interesting.

  • Asking about the CVs led to more “off the cuff” questions, digging a bit deeper in to the candidates. Most questions just led to party answers the candidates had been trained for.

  • Veronica has still not submitted her CV.

You can find CVs for your candidates and find hustings to go to.

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