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Our candidates crowdsourcer is live for May 2017!


Woman catching candidates
This woman interrupted her picnic to catch a candidate. It’s like Pokemon Go, but more addictive.

It’s that time again.

This May, voters will go to the polls across the UK to elect councillors and mayors to local and regional authorities.

We — and anyone doing voter education — need candidate data in order to build tools to help voters.

So let’s go!

Our crowdsourcer is live at

The crowdsourcer

As you can see above, you can undertake the challenge we set you (‘Start the search’) — or if you know a candidate’s name, you can enter it in the text box and tap ‘Help get data!’

If you want to tackle a particular ward or authority area — you can get the full list of elections here.

We ❤️ feedback — so get in touch if anything doesn’t work, or could be simpler!


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