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What should you do on the day before an election?


The #dogsatpollingstations are getting ready.

It’s nearly election day! (We hope you’ve been good)

If you’re a voter…

Make a plan!

  • What time will you go to vote?
  • Where is your polling station?
  • How do you get there?
  • Who are you going with?
  • Who will you vote for?

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If you’re a candidate…

Now is your last chance to update your details on our website. This will reach thousands of voters!

  • Search for your name (your name, at least, is already in the database)
  • Find yourself in the list and tap ‘Add more details’
  • Create an account, or Sign in
  • Upload a ‘Statement to voters’
  • Upload a headshot photograph
  • Add any web or social media links

Our site gets all its traffic in a rush from around 6pm Wednesday to around 9pm Thursday. Last year, the website had 100,000 users — statistically, that’s quite a lot in your area. Voters all leave the same feedback: they want to know ‘where you stand’. So before you do that last leaflet drop, take ten minutes to update your page — you won’t even get chased by a dog while doing it.

If you’re a democracy womble…

Two options!

Help us clear up the mess of election information! We can still make the database more useful — there are still twitters, facebooks, websites out there… Try the prioritised tasks on the crowdsourcer homepage.

Or, test out on friends, unsuspecting colleagues, surprised neighbours — anyone you can find! Ask them what they think and then let us know! Here’s a handy guide to asking someone what they think about the site.

If you’re a dog…

Prepare your best side, and plan to use the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations. Enjoy going viral.

Happy Voting!

Photo credit: CC-BY-NC waldopepper

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