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2023 local election data summary


Each year, Democracy Club’s amazing network of volunteers collects thousands of nomination papers published on council websites. These are manually added to our database (with a little help from our own automation) and double checked for accuracy.

Read the full 2023 election briefing for England [PDF].
England regional summary[PDF]

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Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, all 462 council seats are up for election, across 80 District Electoral Areas in 11 councils. 807 candidates have come forward to stand, representing 15 political parties plus independents.

Table 1: Seats and wards contested by each party (Northern Ireland)
Party Candidates Electoral Areas contested
Sinn Féin 162 86.3%
Democratic Unionist Party 152 92.5%
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland 110 97.5%
Ulster Unionist Party 101 90.0%
Social Democratic & Labour Party 86 82.5%
Independent 56 48.8%
Traditional Unionist Voice 46 53.8%
Green Party 37 46.3%
Aontú 19 23.8%
People Before Profit Alliance 16 20.0%
The Workers Party 7 8.8%
Conservative and Unionist Party 5 6.3%
Progressive Unionist Party 4 5.0%
Cross-Community Labour Alternative 2 2.5%
Irish Republican Socialist Party 2 2.5%
Socialist Party (Northern Ireland) 2 2.5%
Total 807 -


8,095 English council seats are up for election this year, including 38 by-elections.

A total of 25,751 candidates have been nominated to stand, representing 153 political parties, as well as 1,880 independents.

Table 2: seats contested by major parties (England)
Party Seats contested % Seat coverage
Conservative Party



Labour Party



Liberal Democrats



Green Party



All other parties



Independent Candidates



Uncontested seats

46 seats have been won uncontested (only one candidate was nominated for each seat), across 34 wards.

Additionally, 70 seats are guaranteed to a particular political party, because not enough opposing candidates have been nominated (for example, three blue and two red candidates in a three-seat ward guarantees one blue returned).

Table 3: Uncontested seats
Party Uncontested wins
Conservative Party 27
Independent 11
Labour Party 5
Liberal Democrats 2
Lincolnshire Independents 1
Total 46

Read the full 2023 election briefing for England [PDF].

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