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For Voters

I want to find my voting information…

'Where Do I Vote?' tells you the location of your polling station using only your postcode.


'Who Can I Vote For?' tells you about elections in the near future, including who will be on your ballot paper.


I want to help voters find their voting information…

Election Widgets

You can embed our 'Widgets' for free on on any web page. The embedding process is as simple as copying and pasting some code, and does not require a web developer.

Browse and learn how to use our election widgets

Get the Data

Democracy Club offers its elections data as CSV downloads or in API format.

Researchers and journalists can find candidates and election results data on our candidate database.Our CSVs are free to download and use with credit.

Web Developers can access our elections data via an API, allowing you to build your own voter information tools. Please see our API pages for more information.