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Funding policy

Any donations made to Democracy Club are for the sole purpose of delivering the vision of the organisation as determined by the executive and board team.

Where a donation is ‘restricted’ to a particular project, as is common with charitable grants, such projects must align with the vision of the organisation.

Democracy Club is strictly non-partisan; donations will never be used for partisan purposes.

Democracy Club will make all reasonable efforts to perform due diligence on donors who give more than £5,000. For example, although we are not a charity, we will make use of the Know Your Donor guidelines provided by the Charities Commission.

We will publish the name of donors who give over £5,000 within a 12-month period, along with the amount given.

Democracy Club aims to be transparent in our fundraising and spending. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have concerns or questions.

Full record of funders

In the interests of transparency — and of encouraging others to join them! — here are the donors and the customers we’ve had so far.

Donations over £5,000
Name Project Amount General election 2015 support $30,000
JRSST Charitable Trust Polling location finder 2016 £21,250
Unbound Philanthropy To encourage civic engagement through online tools, 2016-2018 £100,000
For support of research and application of findings to improve participation by low-propensity voters, 2018-2020 £100,000
Garvin Brown General support, 2019 £25,000
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Support for election candidates data, 2019-2020 £75,000
Donations in kind
Name Project Amount
Bethnal Green Ventures Office space, mentoring and introductions, Jan-Apr 2016 ~£5,000
Sales income generated
Name Project Amount
NUS Wales / Welsh Government Polling location finder 2016 (particularly Welsh-language version of Where Do I Vote? and data for Wales) £19,200
LGiU / Open Data Institute Results recorder, local elections 2016 £6,000
London First Polling location finder, voter registration data visualisation, EU Referendum 2016 £36,000
Electoral Commission Candidate data and polling location data, Local elections 2017 £50,000
Candidate data and polling location data, General election 2017 £18,000
Candidate data and polling location data, Local elections 2018 £47,500
Open Data Institute Research and report on registers, 2018 £34,560
Electoral Commission Candidate data and polling location data, Local elections 2019 £40,000